Thursday, May 25, 2006

thirteen years is too long to grieve

I've always thought that the pain would go away, in time. now i wonder if it ever will. it's the kind of pain that would hit you when you least expect it, when you think that it can never bother you again. this is when the absolute confidence that comes with forgetfulness just tumbles down, block, after hard earned block.

There is just no getting over you.

They say time heals all wounds. be that as it may, i say, but there are some of us with hearts broken so utterly, the wounds running so deep, that even the scars hurt for a whole lifetime.

see you, in dreams, usually, then the pain is there again, in waking.

I wonder where you are now, if you're ok, if you're happy. i hope you are not like me, in love for so long that the love no longer nurtures me, but is now a slow, gradual death.

I miss you. i miss you so much that sometimes the effort of going on, of breathing is too much and it is only because of my too-frayed willpower that i can go on.

I miss you so much that it never stops hurting.

Everyone's wrong it seems, time doesn't heal all wounds for it failed to heal mine.

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