Monday, November 13, 2006

i read your letters last night

i have never put much stock in words. words are the easiest things to break.
there is nothing concrete nor tangible to tie words with.
nothing to assure us of oaths and promises spoken being kept and followed through.
however, as much as we say that words are fleeting and incorporeal, they can inflict the most damage to a person.
a hurtful statement or a careless phrase can kill self-belief and can stamp out inspiration with the same effectiveness that a beating can mete out physical pain.
i would have you know that your words have been killing me, little by little, the same way that a chisel chips away at a stone block.
with the pieces of myself being whisked away, bit by bit, into the unknown ether, i hope you realize how much your words have done their part, in draining a soul of its luster.

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Ashley Riot said...

Some people have a way of snuffing out courage and hope. That being said, it has been my job to ignore them and ask others to do so. I have little regard for the opinion of others whom I don't care about. You should learn to do the same.

If you want this whole thing in Scottish, just say so.