Wednesday, August 10, 2005

through a fish eye lens

the world, viewed through a simulated, cinematic, often underrated fish eye lens
(warped and obscure, like looking through a watery glass prison of those burnished swimming denizens)

one has to wonder what is real, one has to deduce what is not.

in the life lived by a seemingly hopeless case of the spurned, i have been left with more than your average share of spare time. sadly, my blog has been left to rot in idleness. if i were to compare it to substance, it would be that discarded old spartan flip flop you threw in your neighbor's backyard and is now growing its own terranium on the surface.
i did try to write, many times, the attempts now all become a ceaseless, unending blur of an unblinking stare alternating between the monitor and the keyboard. it is not that i don't have anything to write about. actually my head is always full to bursting with thoughts and ideas that they seem to bounce out of it before i can capture them in writing. certainly i have all the usual signs of being a more than interesting writer, if not a good or engaging one. moi, the spurned- where can one get more agonizing, sob stories to get my heartwrenching, soulwracking literary cries from, if not my own somber love stories?

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