Monday, September 05, 2005

The Vociferation

The Rave in Vociferation
(the monolithic writing)
i want to undo my cynicism, i want to leave my angst behind. my Gaiae deserves more from me than ceaseless and meaningless pessimism. there is life beyond this rock, there is sense beyond this reasoning, may i be blessed enough to see it, in this lifetime.
i do not want to be passed by like the rest of my generation, delegated to taking care of the new life spawned by domestication and wedlock. May I not be mistaken for having anything against that - this is just a statement that I want more. i do not want to be left behind by the train of dreams, that of which we always wanted to be when we grew up, staring out from its windows.
i have finally made a pact with myself, to tackle life before it speeds right through and passes me by like a burgeoning behemoth. if it can not be tackled, then i will grab a handhold and be whipped along for the ride. whiplash and slipstream be damned. i will not settle for life that is less than what i have intended for myself. i was not born to be mediocre. my hands and my mind were meant for more than the usual convention - a sunless cell that most are content to conform and belong to. my imagination will not be daydreams forever, neither will they be locked up in norms or dogma. within me is the power to create worlds. within me is my Creator's gift. i will not bow down to the petty inconvenience of looking too high up.
This I Swear.

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