Saturday, May 29, 2004

if life sucks, keep on sucking

listen up you tubs of lard, here we are again with our weekly dose ofeuphemistic tirades. ok, so,, where to start, where to start.....there's this saying, "careful what you wish for..." i haven'tactually gotten' around to taking the thing seriously, until now,i've always wanted to be relocated to timbuktu, it always seemed tome, the grass was greener there, the people, though brown and tiny,were a lot more genial and refined, the cows looked a lot more healthy... i could've raised chickens there and have been content...anyway, now that i'm here in timbuktu, the grass doesn't seem as green when i first glimpsed it (it probably was just color-blindness or some-such..), the people are tiny and brown, but they're a sullenbunch at best, and the cows aren't cows at all, i found out too late,they're a breed of mutant chickens, now i couldn't go around taking care of those, can i?...... i lost a lot of friends when i came hereto timbuktu, my closest friend on the floor (a certain mermaid w/short hair and a mustache), along w/ a few good men (kuya wafer and astroboy) and my ping pong pakner. life couldn't get drearier.... now i'm left w/ a colony of brown people i don't know and a few cow-sizedchickens running around. hmmm... this tirade is turning depressing. i think i have to log off.... they always said taking too much depressants depresses you, now i know that for truth....

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