Tuesday, June 01, 2004

in a nutshell (is a nut)

yes, i'm sad to say, once in a while the cynic in us takes a nap and what takes its place is actually one of those dreaded sunny, "omigod-everthing's yellow and pink", "oh look, let's hop after the cute bunny!" types of alter egos... when this surfaces, we usually sigh at everything we see, whether its a romantic commercial wherein the guy actually proposes to the girl in front of a sunset beach background or even when we're watching the psycho chop up the heroine into tiny bits of pieces and mix the parts in an adobo restaurant serving (ewww... what kind of person thinks up these things?)...anyway the point to this is, it doesn't actually help me when this phenomenon happens in the wee hours of morning (the peak of call center hours), what with both of my seatmates asleep and i'm left without someone to bear the brunt of my mutation... people actually think i'm talking to myself when in fact the people i'm talking to are actually in another realm,so to speak. anyways, let me just clarify this for once and for all, I DO NOT TALK TO MYSELF, OK!!!!!!!???????? but yes, the rumors are true, my best buddy is john lennon and we went out the other day with elvis and oprah to eat the ever famous barbe-que at DANILICIOUS in project four, quezon city, manila, philippines.......

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