Friday, May 21, 2004

Chocolate Okra And Baked Bubblegum Flavored Kamias

wooohhhhooooo. thank God for outlets such as these (ok, friendstermay not be so great a blog but hey, it's still a blog..)... so whatuseless debate/monologue/diatribe/denunciation shall i discuss againfor today? let's start with....(drumroll please)...marina, angsirenang long hair na may funky bangs... is she really a goldfish ora common carp?? ow come on, the dully burnished tail is a dead giveaway, she's really a mutant dalagang-bukid, for crying out loud......(o my gosh? really?) if marina is a dalagang-bukid, it wouldautomatically follow that mickey mouse is actually a closet gay andnot a straight, wholesome mouse as he claims on tv, (parang michaeljackson syndrome ito)... now what else???? ito dati na bumabagabag saisipan ko... ano kayang uri ng ibon si big bird?? my gas,,, all thistime my strongest bet is that he's a chicken.. pero i also can't makeup my mind kung may lahi syang pato.... jackie... what the hell,!,,??are you going through one of your periods of schizzophrenia again??what? are you talking to me? yes i am, who else would i be talkingto? well i don't know, i'm the only here..... don't you have betterthings to do than write about usually nonsense, always semi-madbulletin posts??... well, not really,,.. well, get yourself in shapegirl! join the navy or something similarly productive!!!!!!! takeyour medicine regularly,,,you don't want it to get around that you'resome kind of a raving lunatic don't you?too late... it's alreadyout... what the hell. just go bounce on the walls. you're starting toannoy me.

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