Sunday, December 13, 2009

No Barriers

sometimes, we think that walls are prisons simply because we cannot find a way to get out. that doesn't mean that there aren't any exits, we just haven't found them yet.

do not be cowed into thinking that you will be defeated. if you do, you will only make your imagined cage all the more stronger and daunting. this type of thinking just tricks you into not trying anyway - so you've lost the battle before it has even started.

walls can be beaten. climb over it, punch through - and if it still doesn't work, find something or someone to help you till you become strong enough to get out. find inspiration, look for a mentor, PRAY - these work as well as, if not better than the most heavy-duty jackhammer in the world. do not let yourself lose faith because it helps when you have something to look forward and hold on to - it makes you all the more determined to push through.
do not let your ideas, your creativity, your sense of SELF dissipate by waiting too long, not trying hard enough or giving up. your time WILL come. this is as sure as the sun rises the next day.

i write this entry not only for you, reader, but for myself as well - because i too, fall victim to despair as easily as the next chap.
i write this entry to remind myself that my mind and my heart are too strong to be defeated by fears - simulated and real - because i am the kind of person that has too much LIFE to share to this world, and it would be a shame if i haven't given EVERYTHING i had in this glorious struggle.

the year-end looms ever nearer. i will wipe everything unclean from my slate. no more bitterness, no more shame, no more doubts - and if these can't be avoided, i will try to limit them as much as i could or at least, let them be fleeting so that they won't taint my soul.
this is my form of invictus and i wish these words gladden your souls, as they do mine.

these walls may seem like a prison, but they are not. nothing can contain me, or you, not if we don't let it.

one of my photos, taken from our office building's roof, one glorious afternoon.

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