Saturday, May 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've been Tagged!

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (might be rambling a bit too)

1. I have a “thing” about mint chocolate ice cream. I think it’s the best flavor in the ice cream world. I’ve always wondered why local brands don’t have this as a regular flavor. But then again I’d be reduced to hopeless destitution if they did.

2. I can emulate a lot of accents. Here’s the list:
a. British –
- regency/upper-crust brit
- street/slang brit
- hybrid brit with brogue mixed in – watch Billy Elliot to get an idea.
- Tagalog and Ilocano - Yep, you read right, I can speak Tagalog and Ilocano with a british accent.

b. Brogues –
- Scot (me and my buddy Jonathan Benito even write testimonials for each other in simulated Scottish)
- Irish (has been permanently ruined when I acquired the Indian accent though)

c. Indian – I can do indian – both genders. Yep, the lilt’s different ‘tween genders.

d. American –
- Neutral – American - accent that can be pinned down to any state in the US (usually this is the accent that call centers try to achieve in their agents)
- Texan Southern Drawl – having spoken to them for what felt like eternity in one of my past jobs, I can manipulate my tongue so my words come out sounding like I’ve been chewing gum for the last 20years (and the same gum at that). However, my best southern usually comes in the guise of the irate African-american woman (luv ito nina She and Lala). Also on this list are – Stetson –wearing cowboy, African-american man, single southern lass, white married Texan woman and Hispanic (chicano, not the castellano espanyol). Ask me about this sometime so I can let you hear the difference.

e. English – these are just inflections so I listed ‘em separately
- French-english – Hank azaria’s character in Along Comes Polly – “Ze Hippoh”
- Italian-English – Those who’ve watched The Godfather movies know how this one sounds. It’s easy to acquire, really, just try choking yourself for 5 minutes or so and your voice comes out all raspy and Mafia-y
- Russian – English – I vanna be dancer. OR… Lucy Lawless’s character in Eurotrip. Luv the “VANDERRSEX” scene. ‘nuff said.
- Bimbo-English – is this even an accent? Nope. But I sure can do it. Me ‘n Paris Hilton are, like, BFFs.
- Surfer-dude – best example I can give you with this voice is Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo.

That’s it I think. I’m working on asian accents now so the list is gonna get longer.

3. I’ve been collecting books since I was 13. My genre’s Fantasy (leaning towards Robert Jordan’s writing, never was one for Tolkien’s flowery style)/ S&S/SF and a spattering of other types of fiction. Lately, I’ve been worrying about space since my books just overflowed the latest book shelf I got as a present (o, nagpaparinig na… perfect gift for me – BOOKSHELF)

4. I collect DVDs. Pirated naman. I’m a movie buff. I can watch beloved movies 10x and still bawl at the “cry-here-and-insert-chees
y-music” parts. Been really delirious with happiness lately since I found two of the 3 great Robert Downey Jr. Chick flicks, Only You (with M. Tomei) and Heart and Souls (with E. Shue). Kulang na lang yung Chances Are (with M. Stuart Masterson)

5. I’m a volleyball addict. If a sport can become one’s significant other, volleyball’s the one for me.

6. I’m a cat person. I once gave up the chance to watch the FIVB Manila leg with once-in-a-lifetime contingent Italy, Croatia and Brazil (meaning legends Mauri Cacciatori, Ceska Piccinini, Paola Paggi, Barbara Jelic and Leila Barros were playing) because Gilbert our cat needed a pelvic bone-knitting operation when a reckless jeepney driver ran him over. On this note, I pet street cats, even weird –looking ones, almost always to the chagrin of my friends (oo, kayo yun, Abdel at Patoy)

7. I have wanderlust.

8. I take pictures.

9. I am obsessive. It takes years for me to get over something. Or someone. I can have LSS for 2weeks. And yes, because I’m obsessive, I hold grudges.

10. I HATE CIGARETTE SMOKE! I ABHOR IT! I LOATHE IT! Cig smoke brings out the unreasoning Hyde in me, so it is not unusual when I get physically violent (yep, there are different types of violent, minsan kasi virtual lang) with a smoker. I specifically hate how Reds smell.

11. I’ve always been mesmerized by large bodies of water, particularly, seas. I love the smell, the sounds and everything associated with them. Unfortunately, I am an Earth sign and I’m totally clumsy in water. Fact is, I’ve almost always had an episode of near-drowning every time my family visited the beaches when I was small. I still don’t know how to swim to this day but that doesn’t stop me from visiting a beach every chance I get. As far as I can tell though, it’s not the beach-bum type of adoration. I just love to be near the water. Maybe I’m afflicted with one of those syndromes that make you long for what you can’t have, or in this case, what you can’t conquer.

12. I’m a musician.

13. I love to tinker. Unfortunately, this was the reason why most of my toys didn’t last long when I was a kid. I’d take ‘em apart and mix other parts from other toys. Recently however, I have successfully combined parts from 3 busted generic DVD players into one working unit (hooray, pede na kong mag-electrician). I’m also my apartment’s resident plumber.

14. Unlike most in this generation, I still believe in Ghosts, UFO’s and the Fey - and I’ve got photos I took to prove they’re real too (though some might say otherwise)

15. I miss running. I miss Salcedo park. I quit my routine when I got seriously sick cause my body couldn’t take it. I’m fervently hoping I can run again someday.

16. Favorite time of the day – 3-5pm. For me, this beats sunsets/sunrises. I specially love sunny, windy afternoons when everything looks blue and gilded.

17. Orange is my favorite color. It’s gratifying how a large number of my friends know this kasi I barely have Orange-colored clothes or belongings.

18. I’m clairvoyant. Totoo yan, wag magduda.

19. I hate Beer. I hate the smell, I hate the taste. But I still drink it anyway, pag walang choice.

20. I love to eat. I consider food as one of the best things in being alive (besides the more practical reason of course).

21. Dancers fascinate me.

22. I go for the weird. They influence me in varying degrees.

23. I firmly believe in speaking out my mind. So if you see me and we run out of small talk, I just say “out my mind”.

24. My pet names for my sisters are Peykchupuxkwenah and Pushinet.

25. Mahal ko si Mr.Kabab.