Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Missive to melancholy

Dear Loneliness
I know you’ve noticed that I’m not happy that you’re around too often. I’m sorry. The truth is, I’m trying my best to break away from you. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know.
Remember the time when I couldn’t find myself? You were my constant companion and because of that, together we eventually found what I was looking for. You helped me learn more about what I wanted in life and how I should go about getting it than any other melancholy emotion. You helped me get over my broken hearts, and glue the pieces back together. You were always around when I had nobody, and for me, that’s the mark of a true friend. The best part of it all was, you wanted nothing in return.
However, as with everything in life, I have changed. I no longer want you near me. I realized that the more time we spend together, the more I get isolated from the rest of the world. I don’t want that to happen anymore. I still have dreams of meeting the perfect one, my lightning strike and I don’t think that would happen with you around. We just all get to a point in life that we want more than what we’re accustomed to, want more than what is expected of us, and I can’t have those with you holding me back. I hope you won’t think badly of me because inspite of all this, I still want to remain your friend.
I honestly think, in my heart of hearts, someday you’ll find someone who used to be like me, who’ll cherish and treasure your company the way I used to.
We both believe in Destiny so I hope you’ll believe me when I say that I know there’s someone for everybody in this world and someday, you’ll find yours too. It just so happens that I wasn't the one fated for you. Don’t be sad, these things have a way of always working out. Hope you understand.
See you around (or not)

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