Sunday, July 04, 2004

another anecdote of the headless catfish

weird little green men are running all over the precinct.. at first i thought it was just an after effect of too much coffee, i was proven wrong when one of them bumped into my leg as i was coming out of the rest room. the thing is, they start catching you unawares, they'd just pop out of nowhere all of a sudden, like this one time, i was supposed to use the company shower room, as i opened the shower curtain, a weird little green man came running out w/ a towel wrapped around his middle. probably just had a shower... i also had this close encounter w/ another of the paranormal residents at the office, i was minding my own business, typing meticulous notes for the next agent when an apparition, something like a puff of smoke, appeared before my eyes and literally passed in front of my computer monitor..cold air also accompanied the apparition...the thing is, i was the only one who saw it, now my record at the office is not entirely reliable (this is due to the fact that some of the people i have the misfortune of working with are presently claiming that i have a screw loose somewhere) so i logically had to look for another person to confirm that i didn't just need to have my eyes rechecked. UNFORTUNATELY, the person beside me used to wear glasses and usually squints when she looks at you(hehe, sori jho) so naturally she didn't see anything. she even asked if i took my daily dose of medication...this caused me a modicum amount of worry though, even when i began to doubt my "reality perception" once again... anyway, this will not cause a major amount of alarm on my part because i am used to "seeing dead people" once in a while and i'm not really bothered about what other people think about me (Basilio, Crispin..)..well, another shift has passed and i have to get home to the dreary confines of my present hibernation quarters. enough babbling.

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