Wednesday, September 28, 2005

on queue at the vendo machine

i wish i could ask you out for a cup of coffee. even if the reason you'd go with me is not a willingness for company nor just a simple attraction. I would be content to be the object of your curiousity.

i am tired of writing love letters to the wind. i am tired of directing words to deaf ears and smiles to blind eyes.

wishes can never be wings they say, move on and find someone else. there are things that can never be, i know. but for once, i don't want to think of what can never be's, i don't want to consider the consequences.

i do hope you'd go out with me, if only for a cup of coffee, even if i'll just be an object of curiousity.


none said...

hey jackie. this is marie. i hope you still remember me. sa c3. :) binasa ko friendster profile mo. it provided me a link to your blog. sheesh. nagulat lang ako sa post na to. lalo na dun sa part na "I would be content to be the object of your curiousity." i used to feel that way a few months ago. and just last june, may sinabihan ako ng halos kapareho ng mga nakasulat sa il muerte de la corazon. nyaknyak. nakakaiyak tuloy. hehe. wala lang

Ashley Riot said...

Alas, I could only take a portrait of her from afar.
Thy smoke clutters my vision of thee, oh fair maiden.
When will thou seeketh my company? When will thou hold mine hands?
Can you not see my agony?

--Tales of the Wayward Stalker, Chapter 77 Jedi Chronicles

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