Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Mantra

we don't need circumstance to hold us back. we don't need realities to bind us.
everytime i see you, i force myself to believe these words. if i could just treat pride and dignity without regard, i would have approached you long before. as it happens, my bravado only extends to writing. my virtual pen has recently been possessed and can't seem to stop writing about you. you, my elusive song, the unaware subject of my heartbeats. this may just be imagination in prose, but, at least allow me the luxury, for in reality, we are just distant shadows. allow me my world of the surreal and melodramatic for in truth, it's the only time i can say i'm happy.

author's note ... self -berating, at its worst, or should i say, its finest..


Ashley Riot said...
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paiel said...

Jackie..all I can say is that you have this wonderful gift for expressing your thoughts in such a engaging gripping way..finally I get to access one of y`r slected sites...heh unlike the friendsterrrrr....
take care